Il Quasi Orto in Petrella Guidi

History of Quasi Orto

As an old Chinese saying goes: “Life begins the day you start a garden”.
Then I decided, a few years ago, to begin to live.
After painting gardens for more than 40 years, I started a real garden in Petrella Guidi (Montefeltro).

Goethe said: “The garden has to be intended as a painting” so I used plants, flowers, stairs, and walls, instead of brushes and colors. I baptized my creation by the name of “Quasi Orto” since it’s a mixture of vegetable gardens, backyards, and gardens as I’ve learned to know them in my childhood.

Through stairs and balconies, runs a splendid walk through eight different real life paintings, eight “rooms”: the Painting Room, the Reception Room, the Vegetable Garden Room, the Garden Room, the Boxwood Room, the Courtesy Room, the Chimney Room, and finally, the Landscape Room.

“Il Quasi Orto” is protected by silence. Abandon all noise, ye who enter here. I ask you this being no more its owner but rathere its guardian. Here the hours have lost their clock along their slow march to the Elsewhere.

You could slowly stroll along the silent hedges and listen carefully, because from either a painted garden or a talking one, the important thing is to hear and be told over and over again the beautiful Tale.

Antonio Saliola



Antonio Saliola’s paintings are acrylics on canvas.


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